How to combine leisure and work: Ideas for a side job in Thailand

Suppose you are planning to spend all your summer vacations in Thailand. In this case, earning some extra money would be very helpful. Let’s talk about how to find work in Thailand, whether your visit is short-term or long-term relocation. This topic is quite popular among many tourists trying to earn a living in paradise.

To find a job in Thailand in a certain type of specialty, you must be a specialist, at least a beginner. Therefore, before arriving in Thailand, decide on what specialty you plan to work with, and if you have something missing or you are not confident in yourself, it is better to cancel the trip. After all, you will not have time to study in Tai, you must immediately look for a job, although this will depend on your financial capabilities.

What specialties are allowed to work in?

Now you just have to decide on earnings in Thailand. However, due to the list of prohibited specialties for foreigners in Thailand, it is not so easy to find a legal job on the spot, you will have to look a lot and often get nervous.

Regarding this list, there is a lot for at the same time. Against – for obvious reasons, and ate talking about the pros. For example, in Russia, because of migrants from Central Asia, some local residents cannot find a job for themselves. Unlike any other, the King of Thailand takes care of his people.

There are four groups of people who work:

1. remotely or by a freelancer;

2. to the employer at the place of residence;

3. have their own business in Thailand;

4. do not work at all, there are some.

Now, more about each group of people working in the country.

Remote and freelancer work in Thailand

Working as a freelancer on the Internet is slightly different from remote work – they work remotely, usually for the employer, and freelancers themselves. There are many companies offering remote work. They don’t care where you are, in Thailand or in Antarctica. For them, it’s cheaper to find an employee remotely than to arrange for him in your office. In addition, you can always check for an online employee using instant messengers or social cheats. It is unlikely that today there is an employer who does not know what does the green circle mean on linkedin. The corresponding corporate chat icon or Linkedin will always give a clear understanding when the employee is in place. There may also be various skype consultations.

If you need to create a high-quality Linkedin profile or get recommendations on its optimization, the website will give you practical advice and help you find a profitable job in any country.

Freelancers can be people involved in design (for example, in Photoshop), developing and maintaining websites, earning money on affiliate programs, as well as rewriting, copywriting, etc. You can work in Thailand as a rewriter or copywriter either on article exchanges or on a remote work exchange, or in other ways that are more profitable, for example, by placing your services on bulletin boards.

You can also, for example, create your own website or blog about tourism, promote it and earn money by advertising travel agencies or posting links to third-party thematic resources.

job market

Hired work  in Thailand

When working at your employer’s place of residence, do not forget about the list of prohibited specialties and be prepared to work in a Thai team. However, to begin with, pay attention to what the average salaries of Thais are, and then draw conclusions.

1. Model work

If you are beautiful, pleasant, charismatic, you have a model appearance, then you can easily get a job as a model in Thailand. Just approach this issue with extreme caution, because instead of a podium, you may find yourself in a brothel. Only work with trusted model agencies in Thailand.

2. Hotel work

You can also get a job at the reception in hotels, for this you need to know English at least, and preferably Thai.

3.Teaching Work

The road for working as an English teacher in Thailand is still open, and teacher education is not the main thing, the main thing is that you have excellent knowledge of the language and look like a European.

4. Work as a seller

In Thailand, you can also get a seller in the tourism sector, this is working in a local store, pharmacy, selling textiles and souvenirs. Your workplace will be located directly in those places where tourists are taken. In this area, the schedule is very difficult, you will have only one day off, not the fact that on Sunday. But often in such places you get formalized, you get a work visa, a good salary, but in this case, you will have to open an account with a Thai bank.

5. Work as a photographer

The work of a photographer in Thailand is so popular that there is a lot of competition, so it will not be easy for you to find a job. You can work either for a travel company or for yourself. The profit from this work is pretty good, but it takes a lot of time. As a startup, you can try making money on photos using smartphone apps.

6. Work as a guide

The most popular income among tourists is considered to be a guide in Thailand. This is hard and nervous work, you have to work with various tourists, among whom there are often complex personalities. They simply do not have graphics, they have to work a lot at different times, even at night, since most planes with tourists arrive mainly at this time. A guide is a prohibited profession among migrants. The police know this, so they regularly conduct raids.

7. Contributing to crowd scene shooting

In Thailand, they often shoot various kinds of advertisements, as well as films with the participation of famous actors. Therefore, to shoot films, you often have to organize extras for the richness of the plot. Most often, filmmakers require people of European appearance, and sometimes Thai. The mass gatherings in Thailand are temporary and this work is not permanent, but you can earn about 2,000 baht on average.